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Yesterday I spoke with the president of france, Emanuel macron. I specifically asked why France, and more precisely, he wanted to confront the Islamic world. And of course I asked a lot of other questions. Summary of that conversation:


- Mr. President, As the first question, let me ask you why other Europeans make anecdotes that imply that you are a cowardly nation!
- You asked me already!
- Well, can I get an answer?
- Of course!
- .... so come on!
- What?!
- Sir, how do you welcome that other neighboring countries see French as cowards? Is it correct or how right or wrong?
- Ask your questions one by one! You asked a lot of questions now!


(As you will laugh a lot, you will be informed in ways and places you never thought possible. In this article, I will be organizated conversations with world political leaders, artists, singers, strategists by using humor.
This is definitely not teasing someone, but it contains some hidden facts and you will also laugh a lot.
Do you want to have one of my book with 37 interviews. Which ones do you think?
also with whom would you like me to continue this?

I would be glad if you write. Respects)



- Mr. President, I asked if it is true or false in other peoples that the French people are cowards.
- Who said French are cowards?
- For example, there is a saying: The volume of books on four subjects in the world is always very small. American history books, British food culture books, German anecdotes and humor books, and French books of courage and heroism.
- Well, what was your question ?!
- Do you accept this statement?
- Yeah!

- So do you admit that french are usually not brave?
- No!

- What we have done in history, even beyond our borders, is refuting what you say.

- But the English, the Spaniards, the Russians or the Germans seem to have done more than you.
- The French are brave people, but they are cautious where caution is required. The things done by nations as much as the fingers of a hand you count, contain great slaughter and cruelty.

- Have the French never slaughtered or persecuted?

- The French do not persecute anyone but criticize me!

- Sir, you have spoken for the most valuable name of the Islamic world, Mohammed, and there is a concern that the French Muslims will confuse the French as the Islamic world opposes you. Why did you do this?
- France is not a Muslim country. Those who do not want can go.
- But you said the opposite.
- I said it out of fear of my ass!

- What will happen now? If Muslims do not buy french goods, wouldn't it affect the country's economy?
- I will buy myself what every Muslim thinks will buy! Nobody should worry. The goods will be sold!
- Sir, your neighbors also say that the French are a very comfortable nation. Your sexual outlook is a little more liberal!

- Does that bother you?
- No, of course! But I just asked for your opinion.
- You admit that the first human was naked?
- Yeah!
- People used to be naked. Just like animals. Later, the god told one of our ancestors that they were human. One of our ancestors asked, "Well, do you expect us to name this, namely the human name, or do you expect us to be no different from other animals?" "This is both your name and a situation that requires you to be different!" After that, our ancestors came out of the caves and (those in the tree) came down from the trees and began to try to set up houses, shut down their sexual apparatus and not shit while walking, not fart in public. So the culture started to form and developed over time ... what did you ask ?!

- The reason why the French are more sexually free and relaxed!
- Oh yes! I mean, this thing we call civilization has taken away some of our old freedoms over time. That's why the French are actually trying to live their old freedom!

- Then can we see the French climb trees again or go back to caves?
- I don't think that, but wherever they see you, they can fart in your mouth or even shit, whether it's in the street or in public!

- Why in my mouth?
- You talk too much about him!
- Sir, there are those who already describe you as the angry president. Is this true?
- I am not angry. I only get angry when it's really necessary. My bowels are longer than normal human intestines.

- Sir, does this have anything to do with anger?
- Of course there is! Intestines play a big role in keeping people calm!
- How?
- Don't you get nervous when your toilet comes and gets stuck?

- Yes, I'm nervous!
- But you relax when you go to the toilet, right ?!
- Yeah!
- Even if you realize that it is the fart that makes you stuck there, you are relieved after all. So if the intestines weren't for the intestines and they didn't relieve and spread the pressure there, you might be stuck long before. Is not it?


- Is this a scientific finding?
- Of course! Didn't you pay attention, even the tallest person's stomach is not even half a meter from his buttocks, while the length of the intestine connecting these two is over 10 meters and curved!

(Read this post if you are wondering about Trump's election result prediction)
- I know this is for better digestion of food!

- No it is not! If the intestines were not long, that is, if this channel were straight and short, the pressurized gas coming out of the stomach would reach the ass in half a second and burst it!
- How did you realize that your intestines are longer than that of a normal person?
- I realized that the core of the cherry I swallowed was expelled a week later!

- Not from constipation ?!
- What constipation ?! My stool is often diarrhea!
- So, who is the most reliable friend of france?

 The rest in the second part

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