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- Dear chancellor! You are the most powerful woman in the world. What are you feeling?
- Is it a different thing for a woman to be strong?

So women are always expected to be beautiful, but it is not unusual for them to be strong or smart.
- Outside of Germany I guess so!

- So is it normal for you?
- Is it abnormal for you ?!

- Of course it doesn't matter to me.
- You probably notice but you are shocked that it is normal for me !!!!!!!!!!!
- No! ... anyway ... let's move on to our questions.
- Isn't that the question you asked about my feelings about being strong? !!!!!!!!!!!


(This is not a real conversation.It is a font for humorous purposes, but contains some truths. You have seen a similar one in my previous two articles: INTERVİEW WİTH TRUMP and INTERVIEW WITH MACRON

- Well! Second question: what is it like to rule Germany?
- Germany is a difficult country. It is in every respect. Since men and women always have to be strong and smart here, some emotional aspects have been overshadowed over time, and although it is impossible to fool a buyer, it is very costly!

- Is there a need to trick you into taking Germany to rule? !!!!!!!!!!!
- No! Why did you ask?

- You said it was costly to fool the German, you needed it and I thought you tried it!
- No! Don't think you guys! Don't even think about it! We are thinking. Germans can think for everyone!
- You emphasized that in Germany, women should be strong and smart like men, and they are. Do you think it is normal or meaningless or abnormal to be a symbol of beauty anywhere in the world?
- Women are also beautiful in Germany. This is normal.

- Well! What is the difference factor between men and women in Germany? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- Only physical indentations and protrusions!
- But I'd still like to get your opinion on whether men or women are smarter !!!!!!!!!!!!!
- Where?
- Generally! In the world!
- Generally, women are smarter! The fact that you directed this as a question shows that you as a man cannot analyze many things correctly!

- How so?
- I'll tell you very simply. Maybe if you force your brain to work, we can get the answer together! Do you think it is possible to talk about the fact that a man has the slightest intelligence, not a man who surrenders to a headless cock who, when he sees a steep ass, leaps forward half a meter and pulls his owner after him? !!!!!!!!!!!!! Do you think that a man who thinks for minutes while solving a simple equation may not get the answer, but when he sees a pair of playful legs, his cock's head swells to a bigger size than his brain, can we even talk about the possibility of being intelligent of a man? !! Do you think that a man who sometimes has trouble standing with his shoes the size of a camel toe against a woman who wears high-heeled shoes and walks like a gazelle, even though her feet are small for her body, could be considered intelligent? Do you think that even in sex where the woman has more fun, is it possible to talk about the possibility that the man does not understand that he is being exploited and even gives something, usually money, in return, a man who soothes his ego with only the word 'fucked', not intelligence, is a head? !!!!! !!!!!! What do you think, ....

- Okay, chancellor! Stop, please! I am currently feeling like stanley lorel who suffered brusli's heavy punching blows! But ... that doesn't mean I accept what you say, dear Chancellor! I can count a lot of reasons ... for example ... then ... how do you think that a woman who swallows the tricks of a parasitic man who pretends to be rich is smart in two seconds?
- Oooooooooo! You are more stupid than I thought! Sorry, but you just made me realize that! Even if you consider it 'stupid' that some of the rich man-hungry women believe in the tricks you say, it is an indication that you are still looking at the issue from a narrow and one angle like a dick eye !!!!!!!!!!!! Look little boy! What is that woman losing in the worst case scenario? Is that your pussy? But don't women get the most pleasure in sex anyway? And what if he even ordered at least one ice cream on top of that!
- Okay, chancellor! I think let's stop this discussion here! I lost this match and now I'm in place! The referee has already started counting!

- I'll help you get up! What is the weakness of women? Do you know? They are emotional! For example, sometimes when a man hopes for their sweet tongues and then when the matter goes elsewhere and realizes that he has been swindled, he immediately let himself go! I mean, giving men 'fucked' head! But even that doesn't give men any points for looking smart! Proof that they are merely piles, foolish, and callous!
- But, chancellor, you're still hitting! The men reading this interview will be very angry with me! Let's close this discussion, please!
- I didn't open this bet anyway!

- Ok! Another question: it is said that you, as a nation, are self-righteous! In the past, the Nazis and today the neonazis are shown as concrete examples of this. Do you agree with this argument?
- Are you thinking of shooting me with German racism? But we have never ruled out nazi or neonazis, or even hits. Of course, Hitler has some mistakes. But we interpret all the propaganda made on this basis as neo-imperialism wants to squeeze the Germans.

- So don't you clearly reject this person whose name I don't want to repeat?
- Which person?
Let's say German nationalism fueled by racism.
- There is no such thing. For a while, some Germans embraced a story that originated in English and French, but the Germans were expected to use these feelings against the Russians, and the threat to the British and French frightened them. Our racism, if any, is no worse than theirs.

- Dear Chancellor, you make you feel like a really strong woman right now! I'm going to ask something very different but I hope you don't get it wrong! Can we imagine that you have little masculinity?
- Sorry?
- Let me ask: do you like women or men more?
- I never caught sight of you. I can say it clearly!
- Should we think that you like men?
- What do you mean?

- If you are inclined to be gay or lesbian or conservative, I asked to help you understand this!
- Remember that I'm married to a man!
- But ...
- But if you go on this one a little more, I can fuck you with a fake dick! Right now!
- Thank you!
- Wow! You got that! So men can barely understand!


(This is not a real conversation.It is a font for humorous purposes, but contains some truths. You have seen a similar one in my previous two articles: INTERVİEW WİTH TRUMP and INTERVIEW WITH MACRON


- Could be, madam! Let me go now, but I will ask my main questions at our next meeting!
- Fuck you!
- Germany, world order, first and second world wars, European Union, neighbors, Russians, Turks, etc. Wouldn't you like to answer my questions about?
- Come in a month, towards the end of 2020.
- Okay, chancellor!

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