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As you know, I have been conducting a series of interviews with world top state administrators in order to clearly understand what has happened in the world recently. However, as you know, these interviews are not true, but are written for humorous purposes and to serve to reveal the actual truths. In other words, I aim to broaden your horizons about the politics being carried out in the world, mixed with humor.

In this direction, I recently held talks with Mr. Trump, Mr. Macron, Mrs. Merkel and Mr. President of China. In this article / In the interview, the president of Turkey will try to learn their thoughts. As with other heads of state, there is a special interview with Mr. Erdogan!
Shall we begin?!

- Hello, dear President, as you know, we are holding interviews with the world's well-known, popular and most appearing / trying to appear in the news and share them with those who are curious about you. If you do, should we start?
- Come on, vire bismillah!


(This is not a real conversation.It is a font for humorous purposes, but contains some truths. You have seen a similar one in my previous two articles: INTERVİEW WİTH TRUMP and INTERVIEW WITH MACRON


- Mr. President, my first question is: when you turned your parliamentary system into presidency as it is now, what did you aim and find what you wanted?
- You know I'm very frank. My answer to this question should not surprise you either. I and the power have improved each other over time, and I have always progressed my whole life. Translating the presidency of the regime in Turkey was carried out in this direction.

- I do not fully understand, sir ...
- I have always tried to get stronger throughout my life and used the strength I gained to increase my strength even more. Getting stronger is my life philosophy. Actually, we Turks are always like this. When we catch the rhythm, nobody can stop us.


- Are you aware that this is starting to scare the world, Mr. President?
- I guess only Europe is afraid, not the world. In fact, I believe that the fear in Europe is actually created by the rulers there and used in the engineering of the European public opinion. Although our strengthening is not against Europe, they are trying to show it.

- Mr. President, is your passion for Ottoman Empire stemming from these feelings?
- It could be. I am someone who takes pride in OUR history.

- I think you are trying to direct your nation in this direction. So you yourself are doing what you blame the European leaders for.
- I want my nation to learn about the history that was forgotten. This is nothing to be afraid of.

- Mr. President, how are you with women?
- You mean Emine (Erdogans wife) ?!
- No, I asked in general.
- I do not love with other women.

- But it is not permissible for those who have financial means in your religion to marry up to 4 women, right?
- I'm barely dealing with Emine. Are you trying to convince me that I can think of other women?

- No! No! You misunderstood…
- One minute! Then what did you mean?

- Mr. President, let's move on to another question. Do you think Turkish women admire you?
- I am a favorite of not only Turkish women, but also Russians, Arabs, German women who love their wives Merkeli and French women who find Macron passive! I can also collect what Trump left behind in the USA!


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- You say that who loves Trump loves me too?
- Change the subject! You empty my mouth, you make me say. Emine will kill me!

- But I want to clarify one thing: you do not have many loves outside of Turkey! Sorry, but they also say now much loved in Turkey!

- Who said?! I make İhsan (pro-erdogan turkish survey company CEO) survey every day. I have sixty-two point four lovers in the world. When we distribute the undecided, this rate rises to 60 percent. In the ninety-nine in Turkey. I especially want you to know this. Do not look at what you say, mr. Perfection. He loses all the elections, he's crazy, he's bullshit!

- No, Mr. President, we do not look at the surveys of ihsan. We don't even know him. We don't wear Mr. Kemal, either. I am saying what I saw in Europe and the USA. You may be loved in Russia. Anyone who can love your idol can love you too!
- Are you implying that I'm a Dictator ?!

- Do you think Putin is a dictator?
- Do not answer my question with a question!

- So another question: why don't you fall off the side of Cyprus and Greece? And why do you keep making trouble? Aren't you afraid that Europe sees all these as your ambitions to expand west?
- Look, we are not causing any trouble to anyone ...


(This is not a real conversation.It is a font for humorous purposes, but contains some truths. You have seen a similar one in my previous two articles: INTERVİEW WİTH TRUMP and INTERVIEW WITH MACRON

- But it doesn't look like that from Paris, Berlin, Rome, Madrid, Vienna or even Moscow.
- How does it look?

- All of these are perceived as your efforts to advance westward. It even looks like that when viewed geographically. Turkey / Anatolia plate is moving westward and upward over time! A few centimeters a year!
- Are we asking you why the euro plate is moving towards the USA? !!

- No, Mr. President, the European plate is shifting to the east.
- ie to Russia and Turkey. Is not it?!
- Mr. President, we are Christians, but we do not attach much to religious issues. The west has developed a lot since 500 years ago when we left it. Don't you think that your obsession with Islam harms you, your country, your nation and even your religion?


(This conversation will be presented in four chapters. Honor us with your views or guide us)

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