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We all know that the first clothing was actually made of leaves and for veiling. But is this true? If it's true, then how did it develop? How, why and when was fashion introduced? Why was self-care needed and how did it develop?

I will tell my dear readers the history of veiling, clothing, fashion and self care in this article. Actually, in this article we will try to figure out how this developed together. Be prepared to laugh, not smile!



It is written in the Bible and in other books: Grandfather Adam and Eve grandma originally lived in heaven. They were actually above angels and roamed naked like angels! However, they were banished to the world because of their mistakes.

We can see the traces of human veiling in the world. There are also strong indications that veiling is primarily due to the sexual difference between men and women. People started to cover themselves not to protect themselves from the cold of winter or the hot rays of the sun, but to avoid seeing each other's genitals. It is understood from this that the visibility of the genitals produces discomfort!


In fact, this situation must have started from the moment that Adam and Eve realized that the place of the protrusion in Adam was the hole in the eve. How they made the first sex is unknown. But you can imagine how excited they were when they first did it! I think this is man's first and greatest discovery of all time! This discovery is likely to have occurred when the first man and woman were sitting naked and facing each other, sitting naked and poking them, why they were like that and what they do, after realizing that the most important physical difference between the cock and pussy is!


Some scientists argue that this discovery was made when the first man and woman were looking for something to eat in the forest, while they saw the sex scene of monkeys or other animals. (Some scientists argue that we are already apes and evolved from apes! I also agree with this view, because at least 7 billion of the 8 billion human population are still monkeys!

Of course, I and you are one of the remaining billion! At least we are one of those who have just descended from the trees! After all, nobody can treat us as monkeys if we do not show our connection with the tree when we go to the park, peak and forest!


We still haven't been able to learn how and why the protrusion in the man and the pit in the woman are formed !!! But when we consider the excess in one and the gap in one, we guess that the protrusion between the legs of the man is made with material (soil ?!) taken from the same part of the woman.


and ever since, the man has not been able to fix the material taken from the woman to its original place!

But for now, we do not know why a woman's breasts and ass are bigger than men. Although scientists, biologists, argue that this is to meet the sexual difference and the ability of a woman to give birth and breastfeeding, I and you as my readers cannot accept this without researching it. Is not it?!



OK! In this article, we prefer to move from a known and reasonable point: covering a person's intimate place with leaves. Probably grandfather Adam (although we think it was holy!) Could not stand when he saw grandma Eve's pussy, jumping on it! therefore, we can imagine they couldn't get out of the cave! They were making love all the time! Until the hunger was exhausted and the diet made them temporarily take a break from sex. However, they still made love in the middle of the forest after they had a shot!

As such, of course, they were hungry again and in a short time! I think that the need for first dressing, or rather to veil, to reduce the need for frequent lovemaking, but my wife thinks that the need for veiling is born when she sees that the monkeys watch their lovemaking!


He says that probably the monkeys were abusing the genitals of the less hairless human! Or at least they were peeking! That's why people had to cover up. This justification seems realistic when we consider that even in more backward societies today, veiling is more and more tight! Of course, if we don't count some African tribes living naked life!




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