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- Mr. President, you were claiming that cheating was done right after the elections, but you are quieter lately. I wonder if you came to the conclusion that Mr. Biden won?
- I think I won. Biden took over the states of california, new york and pensylvania, which are not only immigrants but also multi-delegated states!

- So you believe that he actually won?
- No! He also coveted places with few delegates, and that's when my job got tough. We understand three things here: 1- The will of immigrants will rule the USA in the next 4 years !, 2- In places where the rate of immigrants is high, cheating is easier and can be done more!

- Third?
- Did I say three?
- Yes
- Hmmm ... then the third ... hmmm ... he's a very old man!


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- What does being old have to do with immigrant votes?
- Maybe they thought he would be more compassionate to them!
- Do you think you are more cruel?
- I represent Americans who are dynamic and love their country.

- Have you ever been wrong in the last four years?
- Yes! 1- I should have canceled the voting rights of those who settled in the USA in the last 50 years! 2- I should have gotten better with journalists! They are very strong wherever they get their strength!

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- Mr. President, you say you think you won, but all this shows that you do not believe in it either. You seem to be explaining the reasons why you didn't win!
- No, I won of course!

- Mr. President, you got 47 percent of the vote. Whereas, your opponent is 51/3 percent. There is a difference of 4 points between you.
- OK. You read 47 backwards. What is it worth?
- 74?
- Yes. Whereas my opponent's is 3/15!

- But that doesn't happen.
- If you want, it will. You journalists! Perhaps the result of the selection is your recipe as I call it!

- Mr. President, not even cheating! Would you let me ask you a math question?
- Ooo ... math ... the dumbest science! Okay to ask!
- Mr. President, how much is 2 times 2?
- This is a very easy question. I thought you were going to ask one of the damn equations!
- I'll ask that too, but can you answer that now?
- 8 of course!
- proof that you don't understand math! Mr. President, excuse me, but 2 times 2 is not equal 8.The result of this cross is equal to 4. Let's get 5! Or even if we say it could be a maximum of 6, even 7 for your sake, but 7 never happens!





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Did you like these imaginary interviews? Or don't you like it? I hope I have been able to explain that I am aiming to humiliate anyone and that I actually defend some values with the language of humor.


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