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I was so worried when I saw that Turkey's Erdogan called me at night 2!
I thought: Why would a president call me? Or does he want to let me know that he sued me for what I wrote?!
- Yes, hello dear president ...
- Hello Acemalisi!

- Mr. President, you could have communicated in the morning that you sued me. you woke me up at this hour, but it was like a life imprisonment!!
- What case Acemalisi? What life imprisonment?

- Then is there a war or something worse?
- Stop Acemalisi, wait, I'll tell you! But at this hour I had the opportunity to secretly search for you. You know, normally I'm all full of protection and intelligence officers. But I wanted to consult you something!

- I hope nothing's wrong dear president! Normally nobody consults me anything!
- No! There is an important issue that I found it more appropriate to do something after getting your opinion!

- You honor me, Mr. President, I'm listening excitedly!
- I want to make peace with Netanyahu. I gave a talk about this two days ago. I thought that relations between Ankara and Telaviv should be good for the future of the trend in the region.



- But what do the Turkish people say to this? While you have pumped them with Israeli enmity for years?
- Turkish people are smarter than me! Their reflexes have already forced me to do this. Turks are not as you know.

- Then a yes vote from me too!
- You idiot! Yes, I did not call you to get your vote!. ... don't make me mad, Emine will wake up now!

- Who is Emine?
- My wife! Look, I'm offended you don't know this now, but whatever. Look Acemalisi! How do you think we should do this job? If you were insteed of me, by what steps would you run this job?

- To wake up Emine?!
- ...

- Ooo ! OK! You must have meant making peace with Telaviv! OK! I think, send a kiss emoticon from WhatsApp first! Then, if you get a positive reply, send a heart, but if you get a negative or no reply ...
- Kissing emoticon? This is not the method of establishing interstate relations?

- But Mr. President, what do I know about this? Wouldn't it be more appropriate if you ask your foreign minister about these?
- Whatever I say to Cavusoglu (foreign minister of Turkey), he says ‘yes’! and nothing anything but ‘yes’!

- I think you've done him an injustice right now. Ban the word ‘yes’ ...
- I tried that too and he says yes with his head!

- Then say: 'I'll award the one who can prove my opinion wrong'!
- A smart idea! But I'd like get your opinion while calling you, Acemalisi

- I said my opinion but you didn't like it!
- No! Unfinished. What do you think I should do if I get a negative answer or no response at all?

- Send the emoction of ....!
- No! No! This would be a reason for war!

- No! Anyway, the situation of Netanyahu is not very good in his country. Nobody will not to bat an eyelash because of the emoction you sent him! Some even say ‘well done'!
- So what do I do if he sends me a worse emoction after that?

- ther is no worse emoction from it!
- Wait one minute! ... ther is not the emoction ... too!

- I've been joking from the beginning, Mr. President!
- Joke?!

- Is it time to call, sir? It is 2:35 at night. You won't even get up to pray at this hour!
- I had the green light now. What should I do at dawn tomorrow ?!

- You don't do anything tomorrow! Wait for the weekend. If you don't get any response or at least a signal by the end of the week, flight to Telaviv, you should know his home address. Go to his house door and stick to your collar! Look at me! You've already tried to do business with the little kids in the neighborhood! I lit the light, you don't answer him either! I'll burn you, huh!
- This time there is war for sure!

- But if it does, Mr. President, you are already in a soft fight. But I'm sure it won't come out!
- Why?

- Your mold is big, they make you wait at the airport, they won't leave you in the city, you can damage buildings!
- I'm not so big!

- our height is high too! There's a high probability of being seen from Damesques or at least from Jordan. This is also dangerous in terms of security!!
- Trump is big too. Nothing happened when he went to telavive! Anyway don't extend! I could not learn a way or method from you, but the reason I called you was not because I believed you were very clever, but because you were quite stupid, and your suggestions were for me to eliminate if any in my thoughts !!! Goodnight!

- ....


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