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- Dear president! I think this interview will be my last interview with you.
- Why? Are you resigning from journalism because you couldn't endear yourself? Or is it because you say 'I guess' depends on the outcome of this interview to be able to meet with me ?!
- I do not understand exactly what you are saying, but I did not think so much, Mr. President!
- You can't think!
- Why?
- Now if I tell you why, all journalists, or rather those who successfully continue their profession, will be angry with me. Ask your questions!
- Mr. President, I have only 3 questions for you. The first is that the way to be judged has appeared. Do you know what awaits you? What will you do against all this?
- Ask the last question and let me answer them all.
- Two more questions!
- Didn't you say there are three?
- Yes
- Now you asked two of them: you wanted to know what awaits me and what to do with them!
- Yes!

- You can ask one more question. I didn't set this limit. You determined. Anyway, let me answer what awaits me: I am not afraid of this system judgment. The only thing I wonder and worry about is which way my wife will turn in bed from now on! Even in my presidency, I wonder how melania, who succumbed to the smear campaigns against me, obeyed and took a stand against me, will behave in the new and difficult process.
- Which side will your dear melania's face turn in the bed matter to you than what the US judiciary will decide?
- Yes. No matter how much the US judiciary acts in favor of the system, it must be more merciful than our melania!
- But you can be prosecuted for provoking people! This will be the first in US history for a presidency.
- I did a lot first in American history. Most people know that. I believe the rest will understand. If you mean the congress building being printed, I'm looking at it with suspicion. I didn't want that move done. Considering that the police are not an obstacle, this act is questionable. It was a new operation of the smear me campaign.

- But you invited people to go to the congress that day ...
- I know that most of my defenders are not me, but actually a counter-movement to prevent something wrong in the US. They could not have made this case. They do not approve!
- But you are on target right now!
- There were even those who drew my butt in magazines! However, nobody saw my butt except melania! I can even argue that melania does not even see. After all, my front has always been towards her, although not for her! Besides, it's like you're judging me right now! You line the charges as if you have evidence!
- No! I ...
- You are a journalist at the same level as those who draw me naked in magazines! Go fuck away!

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