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- Mr. President, the President of Azerbaijan and the Prime Minister of Armenia are coming here at your invitation. Why did you call them? Or do you want to include both of these states in the Russian close and reliable circle, or even in the Russian Federation?
- Armenia is already our backyard. Although Pashinyan wanted to save his country from this situation lately, I had him teach a lesson he will not forget. But we actually do not want to do anything contrary to the interests of the Armenians.
- Knowing this, we were surprised why you did not intervene during the war!
- Pashinyan started the war. He had to start this war and lose it to fall from the eyes of the Armenian people and help us change him!
- Did you have a hand in the beginning of the war?
- I did not say such a thing!
- So what do you intend to do today? I wonder if you came to the opinion that the pashina took lessons and are you planning to put the Karabakh under the influence of Armenia somehow?
- We can't do this clearly today. First, we must inculcate the necessity of Turkey's territory Aliyev removal.
- Are you afraid of Turkey?
- Russia did never not afraid from Turkey. But we are conducting all our pressure on Aliyev.
- Was the downing of your helicopter on November 9 part of this pressure plan?
- Did I say something like that?
- Mr. President, Armenians are Christians like us. Does this have an effect on your stand on their side?
- Are you a Christian?
- aren't you?
- religion is used in politics only for public engineering. Remember! Georgians in the Caucasus are also Christians. But we excluded them. Although Stalin is of Georgian descent!
- What did you plan to take out of today's talks?
- Everything was done primarily to prevent Armenia from moving away from us. We are working to make Azerbaijan approach us in this direction. We can say that we achieved this partially, but today we will have a little more difficulty. If Aliyev gives us a place in his country, our problem is not to give the Karabakh to the Armenians or to protect it for them. When our ancestors settled the Armenians in the Karabakh 100- 150 years ago, they did it just to keep Russia's influence in the region for the future.
- What will you do if neither of them agree with what you say?
- Our KGB, learned the color of underpants in Pashinyan and Aliyev. I don't think they can treat us completely wrong. Otherwise, we will wave the panties that we made just like those two men's panties by our soldiers in front of the eyes of the world!!!

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