The Chief Architect Of The Ottoman Empire Ali Ajami Tabrizi (?-date of death 1539)

Bilal DEDEYEV - Tofiq NAJAFLİ - Ramazan USLU- 2014
Altough his name is Alâeddin Ali Bey b. Abdülkerim, he has known as Acem Ali or Esir Ali in Ottoman Empire. After the victory of Çaldıran war (1514), Sultan Selim brought nearly 3.000 artist to his empire from the Tabriz city that conquered by ottoman forces. Acem Ali ,known as the ‘Master of Masters’ in the state of Safavid, was one of the artists brought to empire. He has been sent to İstanbul from Amasya in

12 Nisan 1515 by Sultan Selim and was promoted as the chief of architects in 1519. Acem Ali, by combining classic Ottoman architecture and Persian architecture managed to built works named as "public plan" that was widely used (only used in some parts of two mosques before). Same method has been enhanced and used by Mimar Sinan (1489-1588). For this reason, Mustafa Pasha Mosque in Gebze ,Çoban Ibrahim Pasha Palace in Sultanahmet in Istanbul, supposed to be built by Mimar Sinan despite only repaired and modificated. Furthermore, many structures without inscriptions are supposed to belong Acem Ali with their stylistic and architectural properties. Some major works which are known as stated; Gazi Hüsrev Bey Complex in Sarajevo, Seyfeddin Kadi in Sofia, Sultan in Manisa, Hatuniye in Trabzon, Sultan Selim in Konya, Süleymaniye Ayas Paşa in Çorlu,Tekirdağ, Bali Paşa in Fatih,Istanbul, Cezeri Kasımin Eyüp , Piri Mehmed Paşa mosques in Silivri and Sütlüce and Bâbü's-Selam in the Topkapi Palace. During the period of Sultan Selim I and Kanuni Sultan Süleyman (1520-1566) Tebrizli Acem Ali went on to serve as chief of architects and he has passed away in 1539. After his death, Miman Sinan took over his responsibility .

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