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As you will laugh a lot, you will be informed in ways and places you never thought possible. In this article, I will be organizing conversations with world political leaders, artists, singers, strategists by using humor.

This is definitely not teasing someone, but it contains some hidden facts and you will also laugh a lot.
I have already done this with 10 people. Which ones do you think?
also with whom would you like me to continue this?

I would be glad if you write. Respects

The president told me about his fears, hopes and things to do.
He reproached the journalists waiting in front of the toilet, said he dreamed of falling on the head of the Chinese president !!!


My first humor interview: The President of USA

It was the first time that I would see the US president so closely. They hosted me in a magnificent hall, but I waited over an hour from the appointment. Finally they introduced the president.
In terms of respect, I stood up and greeted. The hand I held out to shake was in the air.

Of course, I did not perceive this as disrespect, as many journalists and even state elders say. While thinking, "After all, that hand represents the biggest state in the world, and from this perspective, it should not shake hands with anyone in the world," Mr. Prezident has already started talking:

- The reason I didn't shake is because of the chinees virus!
- Aaa! How did I forget that ?!
- Fucking asshole! No wonder how I read your mind, do you wonder if you forgot the Chinese virus?

- So ... um ...
- It took my toilet time! Fucking must be the cook's food! And since I have to be careful not to make a sound!

- Why?
- You are not a real journalist, you don't know! They will even go to the toilet with me if I don't reverse! They are waiting in front of the door! Tomorrow, I have to be cautious about publishing in newspapers and televisions because the president fart like this! What exactly were you going to ask?

- Mr. President, I have a few questions.
- Start chattering! We have power!

- My first question is: forgive me, but there are people in the media talking about your mental health. You are aware of this, but what do you think about it?
- Those who refer to my mental health and those who try to find materials are talking about the mental health of millions of people who voted for me and tried to meet their expectations with all my strength, and while those who are doing this work are organizing fitna behind closed doors, those who work for them are at the door of my toilet!

- So ... Mr. President, which country do you trust most in the world? Country to collaborate?
- For now, I can say England. Although the enthusiasm and excitement of the UK to approach us started millions of years ago!


- Sir, millions of years?

- Sure! Now they will attribute this to my ignorance of history, but this is the way it is. See the map! Britain broke away from the European continent for the sake of the USA, and this rupture happened long ago. Fifty years ago, the stupid state officials of the period joined the European Union nonsense and tried to connect to the mainland in this way, but it is not possible! Eventually they let go of this nonsense. We searched! Britain is shifting a few more centimeters each year towards us! I have read a few pages of history. I know everything. What has England done to look cute for us in the last year! In this case, if they are so inclined to us, then they can be trusted to a certain extent!
- Wooow! I've never looked at it this way. So you think Britain is the most reliable state for the USA and in this sense your neighbors are ahead of Canada and Mekzika.


(If you are wondering what the macron thinks of the latest events, please read this post!)

- Mekzika is not at all reliable anyway! Also don't forget about Russia. He is also our neighbor. When I listen to the neighboring wall as the presidency of the United States, I can even hear some private voices of Putin.
- Special sounds?
- Sure! The voices of the journalists waiting in front of the toilet right now they want to hear in me!
- You are talking about journalists waiting in front of the toilet. Who are they?
- Yeah, I took off from the back door of the toilet and they're still there waiting for me to leave! ... ooooo no ........ now they will write that I have been in the toilet for hours I have to let them know I'm already out of the toilet!

The Prezident pressed the bell and asked the incoming attendant to open the door of the toilet and show that I was not there and disperse the stupid journalists from there!
- Dear president! Why are you so angry with Mekzika?

- Mekzika! Would you look over there (map)? Doesn't he look like he's stuck to the USA like a leech from below ?! Let's think differently, our gold is in their hands! Let's look differently, as if Mekzika is the only leg of the USA. Do you think all this wouldn't bother an American? Under Mesla Alman, he has one of his own race and language! Farnsa and Britain are already six seas. Even China, whose top priority is to turn everything into money, does not handle gold!

- Dear president! So which country you do not trust most? So the country that needs the most attention as the USA?
- China, of course!

- But Mr. President, China seems to have no problem with the United States. However, countries such as Iran and North Korea always make unfriendly words to the USA. While Russia, the EU and Muslims have more effective attitudes on different issues, isn't the China issue exaggerated?
- No! Iran is already a British servant! Since those before me pretended to be a part of the big game, some concepts have been misplaced in the minds, I'll open this up a little more. the north korea issue is also different. It's easier to hit Russia than you think. The European one is the union of idiots and parasites! Some stupid beings only feed the parasites that settle in the area by location. This only suits Russia, whom they supposedly fear and who formed their founding philosophy. It also works for Muslims. Consider the details! But is China so? How can one trust the state governed by only a few people who are just trying to monetize everything, as billions of people who cannot be chosen from the other and who are trying to be full is uncertain what they do?

- Well! Do you feel anything in terms of respect for the ancient European nations and states?
- Of course I do. We know Greece as the source of science. But see. I think it is disrespectful to civilization and science to have taken Switzerland in the middle of the European Union instead of Greece, which did not join the union! So is Italy. See the map! Everyone perceives iralya as a bot, but it's not! Looks like the shit of a drug user! It looks like it came out dry and flat inside, and it doesn't want to fall apart! However, Italy has a very rich history. Greece's situation is worse. It splashed all the way around the corner like diarrhea splashes from the ass! Some might be angry with me for saying that, but I hope they understand the bitter humor and hidden truths in my words. Look, I said drug addict, like, who is this? European union! Why addicted? Think! I see it from here. Fish may not know they are in water, and most people who live outside of water may not know that fish cannot survive outside of water.

- Mr. President, you are dealing with striking truths, or at least thought-provoking details, but wouldn't you like to try to use a softer language that is free of what are known as swear words? As it may be beneficial for you ...
- Every American is actually a child and grandchild of people who did not fit in other continents and settled here by storming from there. I am too. Even the English we use is different from the English. Why is that? Because we are the children of those who think differently from those who stay in Europe. At least those who are more courageous, more ambitious and more courageous. Maybe this is how the first part of this definition is manifested in me. In my opinion, there is a section that has made efforts for the Americans to move away from the characteristics they have taken from their grandfathers in the last fifty or even a hundred years. This segment holds the overwhelming majority of the media and press. These are the people who introduced me to the public as crazy in my country and in the world.

- Mr. President, is that why you are trying to communicate publicly with the twiter?
- Sure! In fact, I cannot say that I even fully trust the tweet, but for now I do not see the cunning of others in this system.
- There were people who said that you won the election with Putin support and Russian technological facilities. Dozens of women alleged that you raped them etc. What do you say to these?
- I love Putin, but I don't think he loves me enough to help me win the election. I think that those who allege rape are actually those who dream of being with me. I don't mind them, but thanks to me, they owe me they're famous!


(The interview you have read is actually a (large) part of the actual conversation. This conversation is an excerpt from my book named 'The president: I did not vote'. Would you like to have this book with 37 interviews of this type in total? If your answer is 'yes', write to me: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

- Those who do this can even make a few men use such a game. Aren't you afraid?
- Oooo gross! I do not want to be disrespectful to the ass, after all, we are a very important organ but I think a clever American knows that there is no fun in the progress of the dick in shit, whether it be a man or a woman!
- Dear president! Your plan for the Middle East seems to have failed. However, most people, especially the Israelis, were very hopeful. ...
- Look over there (map)! Israel is stuck in a narrow and long piece of land! However, Arabs live in a very large geography, especially in North Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. That's why I condemn England and France, who founded these countries on time. They did not treat Israel properly humanely. Imagine who arrives and departs at the airport of your city can be detected with the naked eye from the neighboring country! If it hits the Tel aviv pier without a fast boat speed and lands on a street on the west-east level, it can slide to the border of Jordan! If it were up to me, I would pass a law in the United Nations council so that the lands of at least 4-500 kilometers in diameter of each capital must belong to that country!

- But Mr. President, if this were the case, some countries could disappear completely, especially in Europe!
- Let it be! I cannot understand why some countries exist and their motivation. The man encircled his farm, then declared independence, the stupid country he used to belong to and his other neighbors accepted it too! I think all the minors outside the vatican should be canceled. The fact that I accept the exclusion of the Vatican is because of my respect that the pope wants to live a reclusive life.

- Well, in such cases, there may also be a confusion like this: Isn't Israel's eastward expansion justified, while Jordan's westward expansion can't be justified for the same reason?
- No! Jordan can move its capital further east, as it has depth of soil in the east.



The rest in the second part

(The interview you have read is actually a (large) part of the actual conversation. This conversation is an excerpt from my book named 'The president: I did not vote'. Would you like to have this book with 37 interviews of this type in total? If your answer is 'yes', write to me: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The rest in the second part



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