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 Are you planning a trip to Istanbul?
Are you looking for a local guide to you in Istanbul as specially?
Are you looking for someone with perfect knowledge and appropriate narrative style and working legal status?
Istanbul is a beautiful city. There are a lot of places to visit here, there are things to do and things to eat. So much that it is possible to define Istanbul as a museum city. Some of our Istanbul travelers may be late

when they learn some things for Istanbul. For some others, there is not even a learning situation.
We do not learn enough about :stanbul from internet sites. I can not do this as Acemalisi because the teaching features of living with reading are not equal.
If you ask what we should do? I would recommend a guide who has responsibility, knows the job, and works with legal status: Acemalisi!
Why do I suggest myself ?!
What are the privileges of your trip with me? What do I promise as a private guide?
There are companies that organize many daily city tours in Istanbul. Besides, when you are walking on the touristic area, you may encounter people who introduce themselves as guides and try to convince you to help. Or from the beginning, you might have planned your trip to Istanbul with a comprehensive tour that includes the city tour, but is there anyone in there?
Ok! Who's the Acemalisi? Or what is the privilege of traveling with a Acemalisi?
I will list my reasons for enlightening you:
1- Acemalisi is not a tour leader or any travel guide. Acemalisi is a historian, writings articles even books on history and is naturally associated with other historians. That's why he does not say a few lines about every building, artwork, food etc. he have read about. You will find more with Acemalisi.
2- You can hear about Istanbul literal? Cool and without any exaggeration. Because Acemali is a foreigner too! Just like you!
3- Acemalisi is a private company to undertake its responsibilities in legal status. So you can travel with peace of mind and more confidence with Acemalisi.
4-Acemalisi not only tell you about the Ottoman, but also the Roman empire.
5- You can try to make some turkish food and desserts together with Acemalisi!
6 - Acemalisi has many surprises for children too. And of course special expression style for children. Besides, (if you travel with your family and want) you can visit some places with my family.
7- If you wish we can accompany you at your trip to the other cities of Turkey like Antalya, Izmir, Ankara and Trabzon. You can also think about traveling with me to Iran, Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan republics. They all are marks of ancient civilizations.
8- Acemalisi does not do all these "just" to make money. Make friends are more likely than earn money, so you can be sure that you will leave delighted. Would you like to add your name to my friends list in my home that came before you?!
9- You will be traveling with a very flexible program and the initiative is entirely yours. We will talk togather about city sightseeing program and you will never be bored or tired. This is especially important for those who come from a group of families or friends with different interests and ages.
10- And can you guess how much will it cost for you? Or rather, can you guess how cheep it can be? Just 25 dollars per day!!!
In the meantime, touring Istanbul will cost cheaper than last year because of depreciation of turkish lira against foreign currency.
Now is the time to communicate with Acemalisi


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Welcome to your website. we as acemalisi invite you to have a trip to istanbul and the garden of eden (tabriz) with us on this summer... can we help you?