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Many people think I am kidding but I assure you that I am as serious as possible. Iran has to be visited now, before the wave of change will reach it too.
Under the bad influence of mass media, most people took out Iran from the list of countries worth visiting, without being aware of what they are about to miss.
So here is the list of reasons that make Iran a country worth visiting:
1. People:
Iranians are warm, welcoming people, resembling very much.
If you ask for a glass of water do not be surprised to be invited to dinner.
In large cities (Teheran, Karaj, Tabriz, Mashhad, Esfahan, Shiraz) you will surely find plenty of people speaking English, so no problems as regards the communication.
2. Affordable rates:
We travel usually “low budget”, but Iran is a country were the prices were more than reasonable.
Accommodation, transport, food had an excellent quality/ price ratio.
For instance for a double room in a decent hostel one has to pay around 15 $(breakfast included).
We had dinner in a very fancy restaurant, and it cost us under 3 euros by person but one can have a nice kebab in a popular little resto for 50 cents.
Taxi in the city never cost more than 1-2 euro, taxi from airport to the city 3-5 euros.
Bus ticket for going to Esfahan from Tabriz cost around 4 euros (VIP) by person and from Shiraz to Teheran 5 euros (VIP bus).
And the petrol cost less than 6 cents, Iran not being for nothing the forth producer in the world.
3. Incredible historical sites: Everywhere there is something to be seen. Every step takes you on the wake of this fantastic mix of Iranian and Islamic culture.
The grand bazaar of Tabriz, The fantastic ruins of Persepolis, Meidan-e Schah of Esfahan, the excellent Ilkhanid buildings in Tabriz and Sultaniah, Babak Castle and desert in Yazd are only some of the many places we visited and are included on the Unesco World Heritage.
4. Authenticity:
Beside the world wide renowned historical sites this country abounds in places of amazing charm, like the bazaar of Tabriz, where I kept going whenever I had a little spare time.
Whether they are fantastic landscape or architectonical jewels, like bridges, palaces, mosques, they are all wonderful and worth visiting.

5. Transport:
A nice surprise was to discover the very well developed highway network.
One can travel very easily from one point to another in the country just by taking the very comfortable buses that keep roaming the highways.
The rates are very affordable and the staff was always polite.
As for the taxis, one can find them everywhere and use them in all confidence.
6. Food: If you enjoy eating then go quickly to Iran. Iranian food is extremely tasty and sophisticated. We also enjoyed the sweets very much. Iranian food like so much to Turkish foods.
7. Safety: We have felt as safe in Iran as in our beloved city of Venice, Italy. We walked late by night time on the Shahgoli of Tabriz , crawling with people, on the busy boulevards of Esfahan but also on the narrow streets of Yazd and everywhere we felt at ease and safe.
8. You break a false myth: If you visit Iran I can guarantee you that all your stereotypes about Islamic culture and Iran in general will fall down and you will be looking forward to come back again in this breathtaking country.
9. Different even opposite natural landscapes:
You can see desrts in the center of Iran, but also you can see enbuh forests in the north and northwest of Iran.
10. Different cultures and ethnic groups:
The population of Iran, which has 80 million people, is composed of many ethnic groups such as Persian, Turkish, Arabic, Kurdish, Belujian, Gilak and Turkmens. The percentages are close together with the Turks and the Persians constitute 80 percent of population. Persians generally live in the middle, south and east of the country. Turks usually live in the north, northwest, northeast and middle of the country. Kurds live in the west of the country, Araps in the southwest and Balujies in the southeast of the country. They live side by side without any problems.


So, do it now before it is too late!
Please leave me a message about why you would or not visit Iran and if there is something that particularly interest I would gladly answer your questions.
Adamo Lombardi

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