What would an American think for Istanbul?

How does an American travel in Istanbul as the fastest?

Or how can someone visit Istanbul for a few hours?

An American, traveling from London to Shanghai, had to make a transfer in Istanbul and had a time of 4 hours between the two flights. He did not visit Istanbul before, then decided to visit. He got into one of the taxis just in front of the airport.

Taxi driver asked: Where shall I go sir?

The american answered: I have 3 hours. I would like to see Istanbul at this time.

Taxi driver became very happy. He became happier when he knew that his passanger was from USA. He went straight to Sultanahmet. He stood on one side of the Hipodrum square and showed the obelisk.

  • Sir, this stone is called Obelisk (dikilitas)! In ancient times, it was brought from Egypt by ship.

The American immediately asked: Couldn't anybody make it here in Istanbul?!

Taxi driver: Sir, I suppose they could, but this was brought as a trophy or a gift.

American: We have one stone very bigger than this in Newyork. I think we got it from the France!

Taxi driver: That is the Hagia Sophia museum you see. It used as a church at first, then as a mosque, and now as a museum. Thats dome is the second largest dome in the world.

American: It can not be bigger than the White House!

The taxi driver showed the Sultanahmet mosque: Sir, this is Sultanahmet mosque. Foreigns call it as Blue Mosque. One of the most beautiful mosques in the Islamic world. It was built in many years. The six minarets and this chain on the door have a beautiful story. Do you want to hear it?

American: If that was in USA, it was built in 1 month!

The taxi driver continued to explain.

  • What you see in the corner is the Topkapi palace. For hundreds of years the Ottoman sultans ruled the lands of the Ottoman Empire in Asia, Europe and Africa from here ...

- It looks like an old castle. No beauty. How did the Sultan sit here? So the sultan have been very poor!

The driver was really sad, but without saying anything, he started the car. He tought: It's best to ride bitween the streets and leave it to the airport when the time is up!

The American was very quiet while the road. Taksim square, Besiktas, the Barbaros bulvard and ...

- Driver! What is this? Is it a bridge?

With this question of the American, the taxi driver, looking at the place showed by the passenger. It was the Bosphorus Bridge and hundreds of thousands of tons of ships were passing under the bridge in river!

The driver decided to use this as an opportunity!

  • Wooow! What is this ?! It should be a bridge. In the morning I was not there! So they made it in the last few hours !!!

The American finally became quite!

Yeah! Istanbul in the fastest way in a few hours, you can visit Istanbul with a taxi that knows the city and its history really well. In just a few hours. But do not like the American! Because you understand the history and travel culture, you do not say what he did.

From Istanbul's new airport, Sebiha Gokcen airport, Esenler bus station, Sirkeci tren station, or any other place, you can take a taxi and take a 3 to 4 hour taxi ride in front of the city's streets and sights.

You can contact us to find a taxi driver with a high level of history knowladge of Istanbul or I come with you in taxi.

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