I wrote a book named:
101 entersting points about the Turks and Turkey;
you do not know even after haveing a trip to this country!

Do you know that why the dick has a special place in Turkish culture?!
Do you know how the border of Turkey- Nakhchivan (Azerbaijan) came about?
Do you know why the vienna was surrounded by the Ottomans?
Do you know who the Shams-i Tabriz?
Did you know how the Jews were given the Palestine?
And ...
You will reed about 101 enteresting knowledges that will never be heared from a tourguide or guide book. This book will be available in the next 30 days. But if you want it cheeper and sooner you can write for me from this blog. Ok?!

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Welcome to your website. we as acemalisi invite you to have a trip to istanbul and the garden of eden (tabriz) with us on this summer... can we help you?