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- Mr. President, I think the problem cannot be solved in this way even in this example alone.
- Then get Jordan canceled! Aren't they all Arab anyway? It is not necessary for every tribe to exist as a state. We don't live in the middle ages.

- Mr. President, I think this idea can lead to a lot of discussion and even war. Maybe you're right, but if you want, let's change the subject ...
- "Maybe"? Of course I'm completely right. All this will happen. The expiry date of the "divide, divide, manage" method has expired.
- Then let's move on to history. Why do you think Moscow could not be taken over by Napoleon, Hitler, or anyone else?
- I think it's not because the Russians are very clever, but because they are pumpkins! Sometimes being like a dry crust can save nations, even though it may be against civilization. We see this most often in Tatars. Already, Moscow could only be taken by the Mongols. But when the Russians tatared, they could not resist the Russians anymore.

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- Have you researched on war tactics?
- When I was a child, I learned that you can only overcome what you fear and with the most unexpected move. USA did this to japan at the time. Unexpectedly, he put a kick between his legs!
- Are you saying that this event is somehow correct and appropriate?
- No! I think it was not necessary for Japan. But trumann did this for the USSR.
- So you say he was right somehow!
- No! I think you deserve such a blow more than anyone else, but unfortunately we do not live in the conditions of the second world war!

- Mr. President, while bigoted states like Iran are standing still, do you find me deserving of such a coup, whose duty is to ask questions?
- The Iranian state is oppressing its people. She force women to cover and men to grow a beard. Therefore, I hope that the people there will really say to stop this persecution one day.

- Aren't you going to do anything as the USA?
- No! We are not the world's gendarme.
- But there are enlightened and wise people there, ...
- These intellectuals are so caught up in the story of the royal race, which was once put forward to play them, that they cannot even think of themselves what European and American should do to us! Those who do not consider the afghans who have diligents and live under their noses as human beings expect us to somehow accept them. See the map! Iran is looking to India, not to the west!

- How are you with King Salman?
- The only person who has grown his cock under the desert sun and who can continue his private life anytime and anywhere thanks to his large cloth cover!

- Are you jealous of him?
- What? What will I envy of him? I am very angry with him.
- Why is that?
- It touched me very much that he dared to ask for my daughter.
- Is this something wrong?
- So wrong! I am the president of the USA, and you are the king of a country founded by the British. How can I entrust my daughter to them when they can't even protect themselves?

- You prioritize the economic interest in all kinds of transactions. Wouldn't it be beneficial for both you and the USA to say yes to this request?

- No! The impression that I value everything with its economic value is wrong. But you know what I wanted from him?
- What?
- Being a Christian!
- Did he accept?
- No!
- I think it was impossible to imagine that billions of people would renounce their religion that allowed them to worship in his language.
- I wasn't expecting it either! I wanted this in return for my daughter to give up! He said yorum I understand that he was doing a joke to me, but at least the father of our prophet was obvious, but not yours! This is very important for the Arabs, "he said.
- Ooooooo ... what did you say, Mr. President?
- Do you know yours is? I asked!


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- Does this have anything to do with your dislike of Muslims?
- Since you said "ooooooooooo", it must be, right?
- Then you are a real Christian!
- Not quite, sometimes I find it very funny or stupid.
- Why is that?
- Because Christians pray just like Muslims! 'my God! Help us solve our problems "!

- But since Christianity was born before Islam, this may be an indication that they quoted Christianity.
- After all, they both have begging for space!
- Are you an atheist, Mr. President?
- No! Despite everything I am a Christian!
- So why are you mad at blacks?
- Blacks are making night traffic difficult! And they remind me of obama!

- You don't understand anything about it, Mr. President!
- I haven't seen the journalists understand anything from anything!
- But I'm not a journalist ..
- Yes, you are not even a journalist!
- Mr. President, you are actually very handsome, but your hair ruins your appearance in the wind. Have you ever thought about scraping your hair?
- Yes I thought!

- but we've never seen you shave your hair

- Because before I thought I wish the president of china had been bald!
- What does it have to do, sir?
- If he was bald, I had a great plan for him to destroy. I would oil my ass, climb a tree on the route that he would pass, and wait. I would jump and fall on his head as the President passed directly under him. So I would take his head in me and drown him!

- But don't you know it's a crime even in China, Mr. President?
- I would save myself by saying 'I was gathering fruit there, my feet slipped and I fell'!
- Well, what does this plan have to do with not having your hair cut?
- Since I thought about this plan before, I can't imagine my head bald 'what if somebody wants to follow me the same plan'!

- You have a very interesting point of view! I think nobody even dreams of implementing this, Mr. President!
- I am not a person living with my wishes. I think and implement everything clearly!
- So how are you among the world leaders?
- Is there anybody else besides me?



-I meant leaders of other countries
- Which one?
- Like vladimir putin?
- Putin good boy! Almost lived his whole life with a typical Russian mind. Not everybody can do this, including the Russians!
- How are you with?
- We could be good friends, but when rumors about our elections came out, we preferred to be distant. But I love him!

- What do you think about his annexation of Crimea?
- I think putin is doing wrong entering balkans this way. If they wanted from Europe, they would give them better places further north! They've done this before. But Russia is already huge. While he must give land to the small countries around him, he is taking land from them. This is wrong! I heard he didn't pay for it either!

- Merkel?
- That woman ... a very smart woman! He pulls and turns Germany. It could be our relative! I need to research!
- North Korea president?
- Fame! Suit-dressed egg! I thought I could love him when I saw him, but when he realized my intention he ran away!
- Charismatic oriental! Every time I see him, it makes me think, "If the Ottoman Empire were now, we could have gotten along better as the United States than in England." His only problem is his big nose blocks his view! And he would be more handsome if he wasn't a Muslim!

- An otter who had to live on land or even in the desert! Actually, not an otter, but the building process was stopped when it was going to be a fox! British product with Iranian raw material. Like most leaders in the Middle East! The British are very experienced in playing monkeys!

- Iran is a country consisting of different ethnic identities. Does this apply to all you say?
- I just meant him and others like him.
- King salman?
- A rich friend that even arabs with a mind can't find to love!
- Queen elizabet?
- Perfect woman! But I don't want to see it again. It takes a lot of work and reminds me of the hereafter!
- President of Japan?
- Real western!
- How so?
- Japan is not in the west for us?
- Actually it is! But the farthest country in the east on the map is japan
- Are you going through Europe and Asia while going to Japan?
- I have never been to japan
- If we look at it - and I hope one day we will at least try it - Europe is an eastern country and Japan is a western country!
- So, china and north korea are also western countries!
- That's why I'm not pressing too hard to describe them as the West!
- So what do you think of the president of japan?
- I joked, "Why did you shoot the pearl harbut?" He replied, "to turn your direction into a superpower". I liked this answer very much. Since then, I repeat this question and get the same answer every time I call. And I will be happy. He knows how to make me happy. Of course, I take care to make him happy.

- How?
- Me too ‘you are different from other Asian. Look at your map, like the British, you leave your mainland and are coming towards us.
- But this is an arabic word!
- Is that so?!
- Yeah

- Then do you think he became a Muslim?
-No! I do not think so. I think he calls 'ebola ebola'. However, you perceived it that way!
- It could be!
- Sir, if you were born again, what would you like to be?
- Alien!
- An alien? Why?
- Aliens are more modern, more free. Also, there is no air in space, so there is no wind. This is good for my hair! And most importantly, I don't think aliens discuss or even talk about nonsense every day.
- Mr. President, it is said that you are at odds with melania ...
- Or are you one of them?

- From whom?
- From journalists slaves to third degree and false media network! But as a last word, I will say something: you know, those who want to understand even among all these things I have said will understand many things and vote for me. They also know why I use this language.


As you will laugh a lot, you will be informed in ways and places you never thought possible. In this article, I will be organizing conversations with world political leaders, artists, singers, strategists by using humor.
This is definitely not teasing someone, but it contains some hidden facts and you will also laugh a lot.

I have already done this with 10 people. Which ones do you think?
also with whom would you like me to continue this?
I would be glad if you write. Respects


What other leader or celebrity would you like me to have a humor conversation with? Write your suggestions and comments. 



(The interview you have read is actually a (large) part of the actual conversation. This conversation is an excerpt from my book named 'The president: I did not vote'. Would you like to have this book with 37 interviews of this type in total? If your answer is 'yes', write to me: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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