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- USA!

- Because most of the time we find more faces than we deserve! They still have the feeling of indebtedness or loyalty given by the statue of freedom that we took its money from the Ottomans and gave them as a gift! Although Trump wants to end this, our friends there are doing what is necessary!

- And the biggest threat and source of danger for France?
- USA!

- I did not understand!
- If we lose the USA as the most reliable friend, it will be the biggest threat to us!
- But isn't this a little strange situation?
- No, but if you want to necessarily someone else said, let me tell you: Turkey!


(This is the second part of our interview, read the first part here.)


- Why is that?
- Because they no longer look at us like their masters, as before. Although they are not above, they live the anxiety that they are above. Actually, Iranians are like that, but at least Iranians are in our line. They serve us. They have a big share in the success of our plans in the Middle East.

- You mean, does the Iranian state take care of your interests, not the interests of the nation and the country?
- Yeah! But are the Turks like that? Erdogan calls me 'my son' at every official meeting!

- Mr. President, as far as I know, the word 'son' is used in Turkish culture as a word of address between two very close male friends. So, maybe erdoğan sees and defines you as his close friend!

- Well, since you know the Turkish culture, then you should be able to interpret the erdoğan saying to me "when you come to Istanbul, I will take you to construction"!
- Sir, the construction sector in Turkey is very advanced. Erdogan may have wanted to take you to construction to show you his success and developments in this sector!
- No! You do not know anything!

- Sir, in france, important position groups have been created that you can use for the middle east. Don't you think these could be a long-term danger to france? As Trump thinks.

- Are you talking about Armenians?
- Armenians, Jews, Kurds, Algerians, even Libya and Syrians.
- We keep and direct all these here to pursue our interests. But I think we love the Armenians a little!
- Mr. President, by directing them for profit, don't you commit cruelty to the people they belong to?

- Everyone does this. Americans, British, and more recently, others have been added. Russians, Chinese and even Turks. Whoever stands against someone, we get behind him!

- Mr. President, as the president of the world's most relaxed and, according to your definition, the most liberal nation, can I ask your opinion on the spreading understanding of sex that goes against traditional family perception recently?

- The notion that whoever you find anywhere you can sleep with him ?!
- Like ...!
- In fact, I am for the destruction of some cultural habits that have traditionally been valued over time.
- Can I ask you to take off your pants right now?!

- Why?
- Let's say I want to see your cock and ass!
- Do you want to measure how libertarian I am? Well! I'll show it to you!
- When?
- After the interview is over! But you will do the same!
- Dear president! Do you think a third world war is likely?
- I hope not! We consider the corona attack as a world war anyway. This is more convenient for us!
- Why?
- Because Germany started the previous two wars and each time they crushed us. Corona, on the other hand, seems to hit the USA with the greatest damage.
- Are you afraid of the Germans?
- Is it possible not to be afraid when neonazis are still there?
But we no longer live in those conditions. There is a European Union and the world has changed a lot. The strongest 3-4 countries are now outside of Europe. I guess it won't come out of here even if the war breaks out.
- The spirit of the European union is dead. In addition, relations between NATO member countries are also troubled. On the other hand, the number of Muslim Arabs and Blacks has increased significantly in the country. I am very worried!
- Are you saying that France was not occupied by the Germans, but by the Arabs?
- I didn't say that, but I accept what you say. France is now turning into an Islamic country.
- is this a bad thing?
- It reminds me of Spain 1200 years ago!
- Now I'm nervous too!
- My stomach got pain!
- I've been a little bit weirder!
- I got gas!
- I have pressure, but I'm not sure if it's gas or shit!
- Run, go to the toilet. You will ruin them now!
- Thank you sir, your precious time ...
- Come on, fuck! ...


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(this interview is for humorous purposes, not real. We apologize for mistakes in translation, on behalf of translate google!)



The interview you have read is actually a (large) part of the actual conversation. This conversation is an excerpt from my book named 'The president: I did not vote'. Would you like to have this book with 37 interviews of this type in total? If your answer is 'yes', write to me: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 



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