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We immediately had an interview with Biden, who won the US presidential election. After giving a very interesting show of joy, look what he said!
- Hello, dear Biden. By winning the elections you became the new president of the USA. Congratulations! What are you feeling?
- I have very interesting feelings. I'm all playing and I have to tell Trump, who accuses me of being an old man, I feel 30 years younger. I thank those who made me feel this feeling. I owe them a life because I could die if I didn't win.

(This is not a real conversation.It is a font for humorous purposes, but contains some truths. You have seen a similar one in my previous two articles: INTERVİEW WİTH TRUMP and INTERVIEW WITH MACRON

I will also have a interview with Trump as won the elections!)


- I can understand you. So do you have anything to say for Trump?
- Her ‘you go to her house and rest. In your absence, America will grow easier, "I say. Trump's assets have shrunk as he is president. How would a man who could not grow his own assets while serving as president would grow America?

- Mr. Biden, what will you add to the USA?
- I'll raise taxes. I will do this gradually, and again, I will make our soldier able to talk more everywhere and run things for the world order. I won't just think of the US like Trump. As Americans, we are also responsible for the world order and what cannot we say about the world order. Most Americans have chosen me to show that they understand this. We have the power to stir up everywhere. We cannot ignore this!

-Trump claimed that if you were elected, the china would grow larger and even overshadow the United States. What would you say to that?
- We can help the china grow. We are humanist people. We also caused the growth and influence of the USSR. We have to do this. Trump will now have more time to think about these at home. But I don't think you will understand!

- If you didn't win, did you really plan to cause chaos in the US?
- I'd be lying if I said no! We've been in chaos for months.
- With your win now, is this need over?
- No! Chaos is always needed!
- How will you do that?
Americans are a nation against war. The immigrant and black population is also in the United States. At the same time, the overwhelming majority of people all over the world can panic about things that will strain them. We will use all these elements! We are humanist people!

- Mr. Biden, you have created fear even now. Are you really the unit to be feared?
- I like every cut. I can say that I love the Chinese, the Russians, the Mekzikans, the Iranians, the Japanese and even the Negroes more than the Americans. because we, earthlings, won this election. Look at the states we won. Also look at the countries that are hopefully waiting for me to be elected!


- I guess that didn't happen! Americans reading this interview can get it wrong!
- Americans can be sure that I will work for them!
- Thank you, Mr. President!


(This is not a real conversation.It is a font for humorous purposes, but contains some truths. You have seen a similar one in my previous two articles: INTERVİEW WİTH TRUMP and INTERVIEW WITH MACRON

I will also have a interview with Trump as won the elections!)

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