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The most important and strategic countries in the Middle East from the USA axis...

The United States, the world's largest economy and military power, has to take much more careful steps than ever before to maintain this quality against China, which is growing rapidly.
In recent years, we have seen the Chinese dragon awakening and it is progressing with a high motivation, especially in the province of Xinjiang, as it is understood from what it does without observing anything. What more this country can do to increase its speed and leave the USA behind as soon as possible can be understood from the covid-19 and the genocide it carried out in the autonomous state of Xinjiang.

China has even set foot in Africa lately, but it doesn't show up in the Middle East, the USA's Achilles base!
What's worrying here, You know? US administrators insisting on the previously planned scenarios and preparing the ground for Russia and China, which seem to have begun to use it well!


Yeah! The scenario planned for the last century in the Middle East has reached the present stage, but this stage will now be very painful and unnecessarily risky! While the US to win Iran, Armenia and some of the regional peoples, it seems that may lose its backyard Turkey and Azerbaijan who are showing signs of sympathy and hope! And even EU!

US administrators should not be caught in Erdogan's nose or on Rouhani's beard in their approach to Middle Eastern problems - if they are to approach in the interests of the United States!

Erdogan's horizon may be small because of his nose (I don't think so) or Rouhani may want to always look up because of his beard, but US administrators don't have that kind of luxury! The handsome Trump may now put his laptop on the ground and be reading this article lying in front of him, or Joe may be reading this article on his cell phone and smiling in front of the White House while waiting for the trump to come out, but both may choose to be more careful about this issue without compromising their positions.

Turkey; that the Russia continues to sag south by annexing the Crimea and actually entering karabakh, is at the north of it, Greece, the spoiled child of the EU, is in the west of it, Armenia as Russia's backyard and Iran, which the Britishs and Russians do not want to share it with others, is in east of it, should not be lost so easily.

Geopolitically, the position of Turkey and even the Turkish people and countries has the potential to deter Russia, China, the Arab world and even the European Union. It should not be overlooked that this geography is defined as heartland!

Turkey's non-alignment with Germany and even with the Allies in World War II prevented the Nazis from advancing rapidly during the war and the Soviet interventions in the following years, and the process of the United States becoming a superpower was successful.

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